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We value our patients' experience at Perez Family Chiropractic. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Elizabeth Perez
Your St. Charles Chiropractor

02-13-2012   C.W.    44 years old

   Dr. Perez has helped me and my back so much and has improved my life. Before I started with Dr. Perez my doctor had me on pain medication and I was going to a pain specialist with no end in sight. After seeing Dr. Perez I am no longer taking pain medicine. I keep up with my adjustments and my mind is no longer clouded by pain medication. My kids like to come in for adjustments too. After getting hit at a hockey game they like to hear the "popcorn" of their joints going back into place. Dr. Perez is awesome.

02-13-2012  S.E.   32 years old

   Car accidents- injury after years later, Left shoulder- slipped at a boat ramp, Right shoulder- falling down several steps, Sinus/allergies, Stress bump in my back, Problems with my neck, wrist, and thumbs. After all of this chiropractic has really helped!

06/10-2013   A.L.   65 years old

   Doctor Elizabeth Perez is a very professional and skilled chiropractor. I've known Dr. Perez for 3 years and have found her to be caring and personable as well as skilled. I've never hesitated to recommend her to any of my friends and acquaintances. Dr. Perez's staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. Upon entering the facility I am always greeted by name. I have always felt I was treated as a person as well as a patient. Also, her facility is modern and comfortable.

08/19/2013    S.S.    27 years old

   Cuando llegue aqui mi espalda me dolia mucho como por dos semanas antes y no podia tocar los dedos de los piez. Hasta despues del tratamiento me senti mas liviano mas relajado y me podia tocar los dedos de los piez y mi espalda se sintio mucho major.

08/23/2013     T.J.   47 years old

   I first came to this office 3 months ago with low back pain, medium severity. I was treated by another chiropractor as a teen. I am having great results and feeling much better.

09/14/2013    J.H.    61 years old

   I had pain so bad in my legs and back that I could not walk without crutches for 6 months. Dr. Perez relieved the pain. I can walk now without the crutches. More importantly, I have hope of a pain free life.

09/30/2013      R.W.   61 years old

  I was in so much back pain for several weeks and tried everything that I knew how to do, from using my own tens machine to using my hot tub and ice. The last thing I thought was to contact a chiropractor, something I have never used before or thought could even help me, so I went by Dr. Perez's office  on a Saturday afternoon to see if it was open and she was! Standing outside by the door was Dr. Perez waiting to help me. Dr. Perez took me in and started working on my back and she was very concerned about the problem I was having with my back. She taught me a lot about my back pain issue and as of now, several weeks later, I am making great progress. The treatments are working and I always look forward to the next appointment so I can get my back in shape.

01/27/2014    R.K.   23 years old

Since I've been coming weekly to have my back adjusted, I have noticed great improvement. My back and overall body feel less sore and more energized. My back no longer has sudden bursts of sharp pain shooting throughout. Needless to say, i am very pleased!

01/28/2014    S.D.   41 years old

Dr. Perez and her staff are awesome! As a guy who has had and continues to have a physically challenging job which creates a lot of stress on my body creating pain and discomfort. Dr. Perez has nursed me back to health numerous times, she is very caring!

02/08/2014     L.H.   32 years old

I came in for back pain and numb hands when sleeping, a little over a year ago. In just a few weeks I could notice a difference, I was sleeping better and the numbness happened much less. My back pain decreased significantly, and when it creeps back up it's because i don't go as often as i should. Dr. Perez always fits me right in, and gets me back where i need to be. Thanks Dr. Perez!

02/08/2014     R.L.   31 years old

I've been seeing Dr. Perez since 2012. Since then, I have had fewer headaches and less back pain. I don't experience as much pain or tightness when i wake up in the morning either. I have also been having my son adjusted since he was four months old. He sleeps much more soundly after being adjusted and seems more coordinated than before. We get adjusted every two weeks.

10/31/2014      L.P.    73 years old

I injured my wrist by falling about 4 weeks ago and have been in constant pain since the injury. I tried splinting it and applying ointments and i finally went to my doctor who took an x-ray of my wrist and did nothing to help me. I came to Dr. Perez with my wife and Dr. Perez looked at my wrist and she said she could help me. She did an adjustment and the activator treatment, I was totally surprised and very happy that what she did worked!...She put my wrist back in place and it quit hurting. I will never doubt her again.